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Danhausen may be your new favorite wrestler that you weren’t aware of yet.Credit: Ring of Honor Wrestling

It’s as exciting a time as ever in wrestling right now, with several top talent set to arrive in free agency soon if they haven’t already, but the only newcomer with the biggest buzz and without doubtless the brightest future is Danhausen.

The 31-year-old, allegedly from “somewhere far away” has made a name for himself over the past year and more. Although the company has been hit hard by the pandemic, it still managed to gain traction and capitalize on its growing popularity through conventions, signings, occasional indie shows and, most importantly, his online antics. eccentric.

In the past, Danhausen has described himself as a demonic version of comedian Conan O’Brien, someone who has inspired him immensely. According to Danhausen himself, the two have a lot in common: both have beautiful hair and very tall, powerful, wonderful, very famous and very rich.

Elvira is another source of inspiration for him with CM Punk due to his tendency to do whatever he wants and pursue multiple passions. Danhausen stands out by always staying in his character, speaking in the third person and adding “hausen” at the end of random words.

One thing that The Rock, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Renee Paquette and even Jim Cornette all have in common is that they have become great believers in Danhausen’s dedication to his craft, his psychology and his logic in the ring, and its appeal to its masses.

“[Jim Cornette] loves this Danhausen for some reason, ”Danhausen told Bleacher Report. “The baffling turn of events, but Danhausen will take it. Chris Judas [Jericho] is also a Fanhausen. “

The Danhausen phenomenon can be summed up in four simple words: very nice, very nasty. By referring to himself as such, he hopes to get rid of his opponent before forcing him to endure human teeth (which are not his own) without having to fear disqualification as the teeth already reside in. their mouths.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, there’s a good chance you will know in 2022 if his popularity continues to climb at a rapid rate.

Danhausen is among the most beloved stars in wrestling today who are currently not hired by a major promotion. He recently struggled under the Ring of Honor banner before the promotion temporarily closed in December, freeing him and many others to sign wherever they want at the start of the New Year.

Unfortunately, a leg injury he sustained on Halloween is going to keep him out of action for the foreseeable future.

“The whole month of January is spent getting physiotherapy and hopefully getting that muscular leg back to being muscular,” he said. “Things are going well. I had my first day of physiotherapy [last month] on that robotic leg Danhausen has now and doing easy things is pretty hard to do now, like bodyweight stretches and squats. We will get there and become even stronger as the Terminator. “

Although he intends to keep a low profile until February, he has been busy lately. He took part in ROH’s Final Battle farewell pay-per-view, managed Rock ‘N Roll Express at an indie event, appeared on the Jericho Cruise, and teamed up with Punk for a double signing at the Chicago C2E2 convention in December.

“It was like two Macho Mans came together to form The Mega Powers,” Danhausen said of his long-awaited interaction with the All Elite Wrestling star. “It was great. It was my first time meeting CM Punk. We ate Starbucks together, it was wonderful. We had a meal together. We met Fanhausens and there were a lot of people taking it out. pictures with Danhausen and CM Punk which was quite surreal for Danhausen, we also rode my scooter as I needed a scooter to get around this weekend.

“Someone should buy him Amazing Fantasy # 15 because he loves Spider-Man,” he added when asked something fans might not know about his close confidant CM Punk. . “It’s a very expensive book and it would be a great gift. Danhausen would, but he’s busy buying them all for himself.

This was in addition to his experience with John Cena at New York Comic Con two months before: “We had a force field between us. Here’s the problem: there was a force field between us because you couldn’t have it. the power of John Cena and Danhausen. There was a force breaker and he kept all of our powers under control or else the universe would have exploded. “

Around the same time a year ago, far fewer fans knew about Danhausen and his desire for a big airship. Much of his work on ROH TV went under the radar as it was a smaller platform, but the start of its own. Patreon and Professional wrestling t-shirt store to film Cameo videos and vlogs on YouTube, he managed not only to stay relevant, but also to become an underground sensation.

He has attempted to use the internet in all its forms to generate a passionate following, create compelling content, and find new ways to reach his Fanhausens.

“[The internet] is a free tool. Well, it’s not free, but pretty much everyone has it, ”he said. “Why not use it to earn money?” Why not use it to spread your name? So Danhausen used this free tool, or whatever, and followed in the footsteps of Zack Ryder, who really hammered out the use of the internet to get his name out there and make himself known and make money.

“I have followed this plan, along with Ethan Page’s plan to use the Internet, and it seems to be working pretty well,” he added. “When you’re stuck in a corner and you can’t do physical shows, you have to do what you can and it’s pretty successful.”

As noted, hurting himself hasn’t hampered his momentum at all, but ROH has announced a hiatus until April and his intention to unleash all talent from their deals has left him wondering where his “money will come from.” ” afterwards.

His main focus at the moment is to get back to TV, at which point he can achieve the fame and fortune he desires. There are plenty of options when it comes to which companies to choose from, but he’s targeting one in particular: All Elite Wrestling.

“There is a certain place, and I don’t think it’s a secret, that Danhausen would like to have wrestling matches with a lot of people because they’re all there,” he said. “We can try to team up with MJF or punch him in the groin if he tries to betray Danhausen.

“Danhausen has unfinished business with Corey [Cody Rhodes] since, like, three years ago. Danhausen has to team up with ‘Pepsi Man’ CM Punk, obviously. He has to face Adam Page because he calls Danhausen at the comics in Chicago. It seems there is only one place for Danhausen. “

With AEW specializing in stables, Danhausen is open to the idea of ​​finding a partner or joining an existing group. Considering its history and chemistry with many roster members, the possibilities are endless.

“Danhausen could be CM Punk legend as Darby [Allin] a Sting, ”he said. “We could do that and give him some advice on how to win the championship. Danhausen has a lot of good friends there. Orange Cassidy is one of them. The Dark Order looks pretty evil. Britt Baker seems to be dealing with the teeth. Chris Judas, maybe I can join [Inner Circle]. Santana and Ortiz look pretty evil these days. There is a whole list of people Danhausen loves about this business. We’ll make enemies with them or befriend them or whatever. “

AEW President Tony Khan, whom Danhausen admitted he had no discussions with at the end of December, is known to give wrestlers the entry music they used in another promotion, along with Jungle Boy, CM Punk and reDRagon being perfect examples. Danhausen would like the same to happen to him as he owns the rights to his current walkout song produced by Two Minutes to Late Night, an obvious parody of “Tequila” from The Champs.

“Danhausen owns it now, they gave the rights to Danhausen,” he said. “Danhausen tried [to use it in Ring of Honor]. They wanted Danhausen to use their house music or whatever. Danhausen tried to push him … but they said, ‘meh.’ Danhausen would also like John Carpenter or Danny Elfman to make music of him. One of the two would be cool. “

WWE NXT 2.0 shouldn’t be seen as a potential landing point either. Not only are there good friends, but he would also fit right in with a brand that now focuses on more cartoonish characters.

“Danhausen would love to fight Sami Zayn,” he said. “He would love to team up with The New Day, he’s good friends with Xavier Woods. He’s great friends with Shotzi Blackheart. Who knows? Cesaro is there, he’s a wonderful wrestler. There are a lot of wonderful wrestlers there. -low. Kevin Owens just re-signed it seems. Danhausen would love to fight him. “

In addition to getting that elusive “all the elite” graphic or earning a big bag of money from another company, Danhausen has set himself a number of goals in 2022, including appearing on a TV show that didn’t. is not related to the fight and get his own comic. with a life-size figure.

Above all, Danhausen will not rest until his wickedness is felt across the world. Whether it’s an airship or a spot on the AEW list, anyone who doesn’t respond to their demands risks being cursed for eternity.

Graham Mirmina, aka Graham “GSM” Matthews, has specialized in sports and entertainment writing since 2010. Visit his website, Wrestling, and subscribe to his Youtube channel for more content related to wrestling.

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