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NEW DELHI: The number of 5G connections worldwide will triple from less than 700 million today to more than 2.1 billion by 2025, as 5G enters the mainstream via affordable devices and major use cases, according to a new study from Bain & Company. .

According to the company’s analysis, the adoption of 5G is expected to be faster in its first seven years (2018 to 2025) than the adoption of 4G in the seven years following its entry into the market in 2009.

“This strong momentum reflects heavy investments by operators in 5G infrastructure, a gradual expansion of 5G use cases and a global thirst for data connectivity, which has grown increasingly during the pandemic,” a- he declared.

Despite the growth, telecommunications operators are struggling to reap the benefits of next-generation wireless broadband technology.

He suggests that artificial intelligence or AI can help telecom operators achieve a better return on investment (RoI) from 5G deployments by exponentially reducing decision-making time.

“Artificial intelligence is already being used by major telecommunications operators to gain a strategic advantage in 5G,” said Herbert Blum, head of the Global Communications, Media & Entertainment practice at Bain & Company.

“But being native to AI requires more than optimizing existing business processes or workflow overlays. It requires that the role of employees in all functions also evolve in partnership with technology,” added Blum.

“In the years to come, the winning telecoms operators will be those operators who use 5G and other high-stakes business areas as a testing ground for the deeper AI capabilities they will need to acquire to stay. competitive, ”said Darryn Lowe, a practice leader in communications, media and entertainment at Bain & Company.

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