Canada’s Largest Telcos Rank Top in 5G Range, Opensignal Report Shows

Canada’s three major carriers, Bell, roger and Telusexcellent in 5G range, an Opensignal report that measured the 5G network performance of 106 network operators worldwide, found. The three national operators ranked among the best performers in the 5G range category in the Opensignal 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Award 2022.

The 5G reach category analyzes the geographic extent of an operator’s 5G network by measuring the average proportion of locations where users were connected to a 5G network out of all locations they visited.

Rogers ranked 14th out of 34, scoring 5.3 on a 10-point scale, indicating that the carrier’s users found a 5G signal in just over half of the locations they visited. visited, while Bell and Telus both scored 4.8 points, ranking 21st and 22nd respectively. . Only the top eight operators scored 6 or more points, while the global network average remains low at 3.7 points.

Source: Open Signal

However, the reach of 5G continues to improve as carriers invest heavily to increase the geographic reach of their 5G networks. Bell and Telus, for example, ranked among the best in the most improved 5G range category, at 72.5% and 71.2%, respectively.

Unlike last year, Canada’s national carriers failed to rank in the Best 5G Gaming Experience category which measures gaming performance using a 5G signal. All three carriers were also absent from the best 5G upload and download speed categories as well as the 5G video experience category.

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