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Cloud Transformation Congress is a free virtual cloud transformation event taking place on July 13, 2021 (MDT), comprised of high-level content and thought leadership discussions exploring the cloud transformation ecosystem. Join over 500 senior tech professionals for a variety of solo presentations and expert panel discussions with speakers sharing their unparalleled knowledge of the cloud transformation industry.

In a rapidly changing market, identifying and understanding emerging cloud trends drive digital business decision-making, supplier selection and investment strategies. A growing number of industry leaders are using cloud technology to run their organizations more efficiently, develop their potential, increase collaboration, improve customer engagement, increase profit margins, and gain competitive advantage.

Book your free ticket today to learn how to tackle the latest challenges and explore opportunities, market insights, trends and debates within cloud computing:


As digital transformation changes have been accelerated by the effects of COVID-19, the world has come to realize the importance of the cloud as a technological game changer. As annual expenses continue to grow globally, cloud computing has become a critical part of any innovative organizational strategy.


○ Identify cloud migration opportunities and what to focus on
Giving meaning to the cloud: hybrid vs multi vs distributed
○ Leverage the capabilities of the cloud for a better customer experience
○ Mitigation of migration challenges: security, expenses, governance and expertise
○ Gain stakeholder buy-in and overcome cultural barriers
○ Dedicated case studies in key industries such as insurance, finance, healthcare, retail and e-commerce
… and much more!

All sessions and recordings are also available on demand for 30 days after the event ends.

Who speaks AT THE EVENT?

The event has a fantastic roster of senior cloud specialists including:

  • A Cloud Guru – Drew Firment, SVP of Cloud Transformation
  • Cloud Industry Forum – Alex Hilton, Managing Director
  • Westamerica Bank – Shouvik Ray, Head of Corporate IT and Information Security
  • Walmart – Fernando Velazquez, CTO – Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation


Join over 500 senior tech professionals at the digital event, including technical directors, supply chain managers, manufacturing directors, innovation and technology leaders, IT directors , telecom providers, developers, start-ups, governments, automobiles, operators, investors, VCs and more.


Networking is now open through the event’s AI-powered online platform. Once successfully registered, you can meet virtually with cloud computing specialists who can provide practical advice as you develop your smart cloud computing strategy. Connect to the platform to easily plan your day; consult the agenda, speakers and exhibitors. You can also connect and organize meetings with speakers, sponsors and exhibitors of the event. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet A Cloud Guru, Walmart, RBC, Boeing, Allianz, Paypal and more!

We look forward to welcoming you to the event on July 13, 2021! You can book your free ticket here. If you have any questions, please contact the team [email protected] or visit the event Frequently Asked Questions.

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