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In one sentence, what is this new solution?

Ericsson SafeWork is an end-to-end B2B ecosystem that makes the workplace safer and easier to bring into compliance using AI, computer vision and IoT technologies.

What challenges are you trying to solve with this platform?

Despite safety protocols, many fatalities and accidents occur in the field during the installation or maintenance of cell towers, antennas or radios, for example. Today, tower structure fatalities in the telecommunications industry are about 10 times higher than in general construction.

These incidents are often due to seemingly innocuous reasons, such as unauthorized personnel on site or workers not wearing the appropriate PPE, and could be avoided if there is a greater safety culture with more safety validations. in place.

In addition, auditing and reporting are complex and can be faster and more efficient. For example, safety processes such as Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms are often completed manually. This often leads to inaccuracies, lack of compliance and a delayed process.

For example, validation and security checks in some of our advanced areas are authorized by a remote approver via video call. Callers can experience long wait times and these checks can take hours. The process can increase risk – something we find in many industries – because humans are vulnerable to errors and fatigue when participating in repetitive tasks.

We wanted to create a platform that offers a streamlined digital way to solve these protocol issues and ultimately keep workers safe.

How does this solution solve this challenge?

SafeWork offers a mobile application allowing field teams and managers to focus on three main categories of a job: prepare, execute and improve.

In the preparation phase, safety precautions are implemented before workers arrive on site and start work. For example, if a worker needs to climb a tower for maintenance work, there must be at least two certified climbers in a group, and they must have the appropriate certification available and verified in the application before going to the site. .

Using in-app media and AI functions, the app can also validate that a worker is wearing the correct PPE such as a hard hat, vest, work gloves and work boots. The app can also assist a team with live weather updates and determine the nearby trauma center by automating the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

The Perform category involves continuous monitoring and vital live monitoring, which can be done before, during and after the job, with the consent of the workers, to ensure that the workers in the field are fit enough to perform the job. .

The Enhance category includes features such as recognition of security patterns, automated reporting and distribution. Every security incident is a valuable learning moment and this category is aimed at preventing anything similar from happening in the future. The SafeWork ecosystem is dedicated to learning from historical incidents and finding ways to improve.

In the event of an incident, the data can also be used as a system to improve root cause analysis, investigations and litigation. The ecosystem is a strong proof of record with all the relevant data available to the business to identify what potentially went wrong or what went missing.

How did the idea for Ericsson SafeWork come about?

Ericsson SafeWork aims to save lives. When we realized the number of lives lost in accidents in the field and realized that almost all of them were preventable, we decided to look for a solution that could help combat the problem.

Within the Core Team, Chris Wright, Co-Founder, is an expert in the practice of tours with a solid background and passion for safety. Co-founder Keerthi Narra is a Data Scientist with a solid background in engineering AI products. Together we found a common passion and we had the right mix of skills to make it happen.

What are the main advantages of developing the project within Ericsson ONE?

To develop this project and turn it into a business, we had to be part of a strong startup culture. Ericsson ONE gave us the boost we needed, both financially and through their mentors. Ultimately, we want Ericsson SafeWork to meet industry standards, and Ericsson ONE is helping us achieve this.

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