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The first list of trusted telecommunications equipment vendors is expected to be released in the first week of October, Rajesh Pant, national cybersecurity coordinator and designated authority to report trusted sources and products, said on Monday.

“On December 16 of last year, the Cabinet approved the historic directive on national security in the telecommunications sector. This stipulated that in the future any equipment connected to the Indian telecommunications network by telecommunications service providers (TSPs) had to be a trusted product and the telecommunications license terms were amended accordingly, ”he said. -he declares.

“… Despite the problems due to the pandemic, we accomplished our first mission on time and the portal was launched on June 15, 2021.”

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The verification process is done online at the portal The process begins with the telecommunications department downloading details of the product and its original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

“We first do a background check with the OEM and then ask them to provide details on the components down to the active semiconductor level and their sources. These data are verified by a team of officials from various ministries. Their recommendations are submitted to the NSCT which also includes members of industry and academia. NSCT approvals are passed to the particular TSP that initiated the request. The whole process has its checks and balances to avoid any errors and to guarantee complete secrecy in the handling of the large amount of data, ”he said.

The development comes in the wake of the government’s attempt to reduce India’s dependence on Chinese telecommunications products, since the clash in the Galway Valley in June of last year. The safety and security of the country’s data has been among the main concerns.

“We are the only country in the world that has decided to put together a positive list of trusted telecom products. A team of around 40 engineers worked for six months to create this portal, ”said Pant. “The portal also takes into account the source of all active components inside the equipment and you can imagine the effort we have to put in. The first portal challenge launched on time has been met, and we are resolved to make it Directive a success to ensure national security The world is watching carefully this unique initiative by India.

He added that major suppliers and their products will be verified, and the first list of trusted sources and products is expected to be released in the first half of October. After that, it will be updated on a monthly basis.

Pant also pointed out that any equipment necessary for the maintenance of the existing network is not covered by this directive, thus allaying any concerns about delays in the sector. “Operators have nothing to worry about and even we are careful not to create disruption or impact the ease of doing business in any way… we also grant one-off exemptions for all cases. urgent matters and TSPs are satisfied with these actions. ,” he said.

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