Fresh Group endorses Osinbajo for chairmanship

Adedayo Adejobi

A group, under the auspices of the Yemi Osinbajo Grassroots Solidarity Movement (YO-GSM), has sought support for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for the 2023 presidency. This group is among many who have supported him in recent times. for the highest executive office in the country.

The group led by its National Coordinator, Mr. Torty Watchman Okoro expressed its support for the Vice President, while inaugurating the cadres of its South West Chapter in Lagos.

In his opening remarks, Okoro said, “Today marks the beginning of an era with the docking and unveiling of the popular solidarity movement of Yemi Osinbajo, Southwest Zone”, stressing that “this organization, through unified, concerted and cohesive efforts has been able to register its presence and has coordinators in all 36 states, including FCT, and in all 774 local government areas.

He added, “To this end, my leaders have carefully appointed zonal, state and local government and neighborhood coordinators, with their entrenched women leaders, with super influence in the politics of Nigeria.”
Okoro, while testifying to Osinbajo’s performance and virtue, noted, “Our Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has continued to impress Nigerians in discharging his duties with diligence and thoroughness, d especially as he strategically champions the Social Investment Programs (SIPs) and other socio-economic interventions of the current administration to reduce poverty through empowerment and human capacity building. He is not just a pan-Nigerian but a right-thinking Nigerian who understands the particularities of our diversities. He is a visionary, creative, innovative, young and determined leader who will think outside the box to drive growth and development in all sectors of the economy.

“Let me at this juncture reassure everyone that YO-GSM will not be seen as lacking or lacking in this historic and auspicious movement that is expected to drive the political process that will lead to a ‘New Nigeria’. We are ready and determined to ensure that YO-GSM massively mobilizes overwhelming voters to vote for our exuberant vice president as we urge him to come out and compete for seat number one. clear strategies that will be deployed to sell the aspiration of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo within our party, All Progressives Congress (APC) nationwide.This we will achieve through consistent party shareholder engagement and communication supported among the faithful of the party at the base”, assured the national coordinator of the group.

In his inaugural address, Hon. Bimbo Adunola, South West Coordinator, thanked the national body of YO-GSM for deeming him worthy of the task of mobilization and coordination for the successful exit of the 2023 presidency of Professor Yemi Osinbajo in the region of South West.

“With my related experience in politics spanning nearly three decades, the task is doable. With all my vigor and my political connections, the task is a done deal,” he said.

Speaking further, Adunola noted, “There is no inconvenience in calling and requesting His Excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to come to the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has the head to wear the cap. With his background and track record in public administration and the dispensation of justice, His Excellency is first among equals. Professor Yemi Osinbajo has distinguished himself as a selfless and compassionate leader who believes in justice, fairness and equity for one and all. It will be remembered that during the short period as interim president, he visited the turbulent region of the Niger Delta, he also pleaded for peace and he offered a specific and lasting solution to the unrest of the people. in this region and relative peace has been established. restored in this area. He visited the North West region and he also sued for peace and religious tolerance in this troubled region which has been ravaged by Boko Haram and killer herdsmen.

The highlight of the occasion was the endorsement of Professor Yemi Osinbajo as the presidential candidate for the group’s southwestern zone.
The South West coordinator who led other members in the endorsement exercise said: “Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is expected to contest for the number one seat in the next presidential election in 2023 under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party.

“Our organization and its many supporters are crossing all 36 states including the FCT and all 774 local government areas of Nigeria, already mobilizing, sensitizing eligible voters and young Nigerians who are 60% empires to vote him as next president of our great country Nigeria come 2023.”

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