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New Delhi: 6Ace Games, a games startup that offers multiplayer card games enjoyed by millions of players around the world, including India, alleged that Google had “destroyed” them by terminating their developer Play “account. for prior violations of this account or any associated account “.

In an article on Medium, the video game startup said it didn’t know why Google suddenly thought we were associated with multiple banned accounts.

“Our whole startup is at stake. We have invested eight years of our life to learn this platform from Google, to develop something unique and fun. Everything is gone”, we can read in the published post. Saturday.

Google has yet to respond to 6Ace Games’ Medium post.
6Ace Games has developed card games from various regions like USA, UK, Europe, India and other countries. It introduced online multiplayer versions of many card games played natively in various localities.

“We invested three years of hard work, blood and sweat to produce 10 games and four of them are multiplayer games. Two of our multiplayer games were very popular in the US and Europe. We invested our hard earned money for marketing to get our games to the right audience, ”the Medium post said.

“After 2.5 years of continuous struggle, two of our multiplayer games have received tremendous love from users. Almost all of our games have been rated over 4.5 stars. And downloaded a million times over. total, “he added.

The startup says it may have identified three reasons why Google “thought we had several banned accounts.”

It could be “unhealthy competitive practices”, a series of suspicious login activity has occurred in her Google Account several times in the past month, and moving the office to a new location because “we have been affected by covid situations “.

“After our analysis, we learned that there were malicious practices used to ban competing developer accounts. One of the reasons for the wrong association could be that an unauthorized competitor / user decoded our games or used our publisher code in their .txt app ads or knowing our ad IDs in their non-policy compliant apps, ”the startup explained.

“Due to serious violations, Google is blocking / terminating their account and this is also misleading our account. This can also be a case,” he added.

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