Google is pushing fiber in San Antonio, Atlanta, Des Moines, Austin

Google Fiber has been in turn high and low on its ambitions to provide high speed fiber optic in the United States. But the company currently seems excited about its work. According to a Google fiber website, he works in several cities to deploy his service. These cities include Atlanta, Georgia; West Des Moines, Iowa; Charlotte, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; and Salt Lake City, Utah, to name a few.

This week, the company said customers in many parts of its San Antonio service area can now sign up for 2 Gig service, offering up to 2,000 Mbps upload and up to 1,000 Mbps upload. for $ 100 per month, no annual contract, no data cap. , with installation and equipment included.

Google started offering its Internet service in San Antonio four years ago. Now he extends it and says, “We expect 2021 to be the biggest year of construction since we started building our network in San Antonio.”

About Atlanta, the Google team wrote, “Over seven years ago, we started serving our first customers in Atlanta. Since then, we’ve grown our service area, although more slowly than some. (including us!) Wish we had Lately, we’ve been making strides in finding ways to connect more Atlanteans to a fast, reliable internet.

In Atlanta, he focused on serving dense multi-family apartments. To do this, it used a different type of construction than other Google Fiber cities, leasing unused fiber to third parties specializing in multi-family communities. Today, it brings construction teams to develop its network in other types of neighborhoods in the city.

Google works closely with city governments and nonprofits in all locations of its fiber deployments.

Conflict at Des Moines

In mid-2020, Google announced that it was working in partnership with the city of West Des Moines. The city is building a network of conduits and Google will be its first tenant. But other providers can also work with the city to use the conduit and provide fiber services.

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However, in late 2020, MCC Iowa, which is a subsidiary of Mediacom Communications, filed a lawsuit against the city of West Des Moines, alleging that the city improperly used taxpayer-based funding bonds that were for urban scourge and poverty projects to instead build a $ 50 million city-wide conduit network that would benefit Google Fiber.

The city and Google responded that Mediacom simply did not want new competition in its Des Moines service area.

The last Newscast on the lawsuit says the parties are continuing settlement negotiations to avoid a lawsuit, which is scheduled for April 18, 2022.

Google must be feeling pretty confident about these negotiations because it released a blog in late September, claiming he was starting to place Google Fiber in the West Des Moines pipe network. “Once we complete the first segment, customers in certain areas in the northeast of the city will be able to sign up for 1GB or 2GB Internet service,” Google wrote.

Roger Timmerman, executive director of Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) Fiber, which deploys municipal fiber networks, said incumbent telecommunications providers don’t like municipal broadband projects because they introduce new competition. .

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However, in the case of Google, Timmerman said some cities have given Google more favorable terms than they have offered other companies. He doesn’t think it’s fair that taxpayers’ money favors Google with what amounts to a grant while not providing the same deal to other companies, such as UTOPIA Fiber. “It should be done on a neutral basis,” he said.

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