Gujarat: Gujarat lost 30 lakh mobile subscribers in 8 months | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: With more people dropping additional connections due to tariff revision, the number of telecom subscribers in Gujarat fell by 30 lakh over an eight-month period, according to March 2022 data.
The latest telecom subscription report released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) reveals that the number of subscribers in Gujarat fell to around 6.7 crore in March 2022 from 7.03 crore in July 2021.
The numbers peaked in July, after which they trended downward.
“After July, as people gradually returned to the office instead of continuing to work from home, the need for additional connections decreased. As a result, many of them stopped charging additional connections, and a continuous effect has was seen over the following months as connections were cancelled,” a telecom industry source said.
Compared to February 2022, however, the average number of subscribers increased by 3.09 lakh.
Industry sources say telecom prices have also risen 20% since December, causing many to go without additional connections while others have switched service providers, opting for less expensive alternatives. dear.
Notably, with rising tariffs and telcos adopting internal churning, telco average revenue per user (ARPU) increased 5.6% in the December 2021 quarter compared to compared to the September 2021 quarter.
According to the TRAI Performance Indicators report, ARPU increased from Rs 117 to Rs 124 during the period.
The internal shuffling of telecom operators to rationalize the number of users or permanently deactivate certain users has also been a major reason for the drop in the number of subscribers.
With the decline in the number of subscribers, teledensity in Gujarat fell to 95.01% in March 2022 from 100.17% in July 2021.
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