Gujarat: Number of Urban Internet Subscribers Slips in Gujarat | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: Although the world has gone digital during Covid-19, the number of urban internet subscribers both in Gujarat and across India does not seem to have followed the trend.
According to the recent Performance Indicators report released by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Gujarat’s urban internet subscribers per 100 inhabitants stood at 99.34 in December 2021 compared to 109.49 in December 2019.
Industry players attribute this to the rationalization of the number of mobile connections to reduce costs, in addition to the migration of populations. The figures cover broadband as well as mobile internet subscribers. “Migration has taken place at a massive level during the lockdown and many migrant workers who used to work in larger centers have moved to rural areas to return to their home countries,” an industry source said. telecommunications.
“As a result, urban Internet subscribers have declined. As the bureaus shifted into FMH mode, a large portion of the migrants who were in Ahmedabad and other parts of urban Gujarat relocated to their home countries, resulting in a drop in subscriber numbers.
At the same time, the number of mobile connections also fell during the period, with people canceling several connections due to higher tariffs. In the past eight months alone, mobile subscribers have declined by 30 lakh in Gujarat. The decline in the overall wireless subscriber base is primarily due to the removal of non-active users from the network. As a result, the effective number of Internet subscribers has also decreased. Industry players have also attributed the drop in subscriber numbers to the drop in broadband connections.
“Several businesses have closed and small traders have gone out of business. For many establishments, the WFH arrangement has become permanent,” the source said. “So many high-speed connections were also down, leading to a drop in the overall number of internet subscribers.”
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