ITU Study Group discusses 6 GHz WiFi, Connected Automated Vehicles, New Spectrum for Utilities Sectors, Telecom News, ET Telecom


NEW DELHI: The ITU-APT Foundation of India (IAFI), which participated in the ITU Study Group 5A meeting earlier this week, said the meeting deliberated on wireless technologies, including 6 GHz Wi-Fi, connected automated vehicles, intelligent transport and new spectrum for use in the utilities sectors – electricity, water and gas.

The meeting also deliberated on fixed broadband wireless services and terra-hertz or THz technologies which will form the basis of future 6G technologies.

The ITU Study Group meeting also considered issues relating to the allocation of spectrum in the 3.4 to 3.8 GHz mid-band for 4G / 5G in the framework of the World Conference of ITU radiocommunications.

WP5A also continued its work on frequency ranges to facilitate harmonization of frequency bands for existing and future railway radio communication systems between train and track (RSTT) on a global or regional scale.

The regulator also asked if a certain part of the spectrum should be reserved for private networks (such as automobiles and other industrial uses) and on the pricing of these waves.

“This harmonization has now been sent back to regional organizations to identify the necessary spectrum,” IAFI said in a statement.

India has already allocated 5 + 5MHz spectrum in the 700MHz band for rail communications, in addition to the UHF band used by metro services in most cities.

“The regional high-speed rail services introduced in India are also expected to share the 700 MHz LTE spectrum allocated to Indian Rail,” the statement added.


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