Marco Rubio wants Joe Biden to call on the United Nations to stabilize Cuba

US Senator Marco rubio continued his strong message on the Cuban protests on Wednesday morning, calling the White House’s response to the Cuban crackdown “flawed” and insufficient.

The senator, appearing on Fox and Friends, spoke after a tweet lambasting the president Joe bidenThe “weak” messages on Cuban dissent, now in their fourth day on the Communist Island.

Rubio called on the president to use his “diplomatic clout” to engage the international community towards a solution, including an initiative to convene the United Nations Security Council and the Organization of American States.

“Use your diplomatic weight and the fact that ‘America is back’ and say, ‘Okay, guys, we have a massacre about to happen 90 minutes from our shores. We want the international community to condemn it, isolate it and act.

“I want to know what Joe Biden will do when a thousand Russian special forces arrive on Cuban territory to help the Cuban regime,” Rubio added. “Because that’s what comes next. That’s what comes next.

The senator responded to comments from Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro mayorkas urging Cubans and Haitians not to come to the United States

“I also don’t want there to be mass migration,” Rubio said, saying Mayorkas’ position could be stronger.

“I have already asked the Biden administration to be very clear with the Cuban government. If you trigger mass migration, we will see it as hostility, an act of war, and we will act on it, ”said Rubio.

The senator’s frustration crept in, although he said he was trying to be bipartisan.

“The response from this administration has been lame, it has been lame on this whole issue,” he said.

During the appearance, Rubio noted both the unprecedented nature of the protests and the reality of the veil of information lowered by the communist regime in Havana.

“We don’t know how many people are there. Besides, we don’t know (how many) died, we don’t know how many people were seriously injured, we don’t know how many people were arrested. We know that hundreds of people are missing, ”said Rubio, noting that the internet had been shut down.

Government “repressive forces” are rampant, Rubio noted.

“What is going on there is horrible. It’s hard for people to believe it because that’s the sort of thing you would read about what happened a hundred years ago, ”Rubio said, describing the government arresting journalists and enlisting minors to join pro-government armed crowds.

Rubio’s latest terrible warning continues to deliver urgent messages about the Cuban crisis from top Republicans in Florida. US Senator Rick scott is also frustrated by Biden’s detached approach to the Cuban crackdown on the part of the White House.

“Joe Biden must be on TV today calling on world leaders, saying this must end,” Scott urged on Tuesday on the Brian Mudd Show. “You have this chair, you have this opportunity, Joe Biden. Go do it. “

Govt. Ron DeSantis urged Florida telecommunications companies to consider expanding Wi-Fi in Cuba to overcome the information blockade.

“One of the things that I think we should be able to do with our private companies or with the United States is provide some of that Internet service over satellite,” DeSantis said Tuesday.

“We have companies on the Space Coast that are launching these things. I will therefore make a few calls to see what the options are for companies to be able to do so, ”added the governor.

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