Meet the man behind popular e-commerce platform Gsm Player: Umair Abubakkar : The Tribune India

“To succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure.” -Bill Cosby

Umair Abubakkar is the mastermind behind “Gsm Player”, an e-commerce portal that has completely revolutionized the way businesses operate. Although it is a niche e-commerce solution that deals with the buying and selling of smartphone repair materials, Gsm Player has no visible competitors with the same flexibility and diversity options in terms of products and vendors. The platform is home to thousands of sellers who deal in smartphone repair items. Recently, e-commerce has expanded to many computer and smartphone accessories and even software solutions that can be purchased and delivered to the buyer’s doorstep without any inconvenience.

Umair Abubakkar has worked extensively with individual clients in their early twenties and developed bespoke e-commerce solutions for them. As his experience grew and his finances became stable, he started thinking about the idea of ​​creating a niche e-commerce platform that could help expand the reach of digitization to the masses. Gsm Player was launched a few years later and has since become the premier marketplace for selling and buying tech repair gear, new smartphones, and accessories.

Umair Abubakar explains the change Gsm Player has brought to existing business owners. He says, “Products and services are easy to obtain, but when it comes to the repair and manufacturing industry, there is no quality digital solution other than Gsm Player. Previously, owners of company had to go to stores and get parts to fix smartphones and gadgets and had to come back empty handed most of the time due to the surge in demand due to the pandemic. Purchase these items for a fraction of the price, while showing availability and guaranteeing fast delivery.Professionals can focus on their work and can pre-order parts without leaving stores.

We recently added a section dedicated to selling smartphones that allows any mobile seller to register on the platform and launch their digital store in minutes. We do not charge an exorbitant amount and sellers are exposed to a large number of consumers looking to buy a smartphone according to their preferences.

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