NCC warns against increasing GSM signal


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) issued a two-week ultimatum to those involved in the sale, installation and use of GSM amplification devices and immediately stopped doing so.

NCC uses its web pages to inform banks and other financial institutions, government agencies, telecommunications service providers, private / public businesses, and home owners / occupants. GSM boosters are illegal.

“In light of the foregoing, the Committee will issue a 14-day pre-execution notice valid from the date of publication of this document to anyone involved in the sale, installation and use of the apparatus to immediately stop such action. Notify you. ” Warning.

Phone amplifiers, also known as GSM amplifiers, help cell phone users improve coverage in areas where there is no good signal.

By installing it in your home or car to boost your cell phone signal strength, you will be able to make calls in places that you could not make before.

These devices can help wireless service providers, public safety first responders, and consumers by extending mobile phone coverage to areas such as tunnels, subways, building interiors, and rural areas.

This helps improve the performance of the phone, but it can interfere with poorly installed or poorly designed wireless networks. This can cause interference with other calls, such as emergency calls and 911 calls.

The NCC states: “We are fulfilling our mission of ensuring consumer protection, quality of service and technical standards of maintenance of maintenance equipment, and we comply with the provisions of Section 131 (1) of Nigerian law. on telecommunications (NCA). »2003, The Commission warns the general public that the sale, installation or use of equipment likely to interfere with the operation of the network or which is not approved by the Commission constitutes a criminal offense.

He said such actions could result in financial penalties and / or jail time, or both (fines and jail time), and confiscation of equipment used to illegally improve network coverage.

The Commission said it will continue to work with telecommunications service providers to facilitate the provision of the ubiquitous telecommunications infrastructure needed to ensure high quality services across the country.

“The Commission shall, without further claim for reimbursement, take appropriate enforcement action upon expiration of the deadline, including, but not limited to, prosecution, fines and confiscation of used equipment. “

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