Nokia, Huawei, and VMware Dominate $ 4 Billion Network Automation Software Market: Report, AI, Analytics, and Automation

To see which companies fall into these categories, see this Appledore blog.

This taxonomy “offers a clearer view of what CSPs actually spend and for what purpose,” notes the Appledore team, which has decades of experience tracking, analyzing, and working in the software market. telecommunications. In addition, the software market analysis focused on ‘where it is going (disaggregated), rather than where it has been (integrated functional silos)’, thus providing a more relevant view of the so-called normally the free software market. .

The key takeaway from the report is that “automation is now the dominant driver of CSP software spending” in a market that has been transformed by a move towards more cloud-oriented architectures and operational efficiency. “While return on investment based on cost savings remains an important factor, it is a secondary factor in purchasing decisions.

This in turn leads to a shift in procurement decision-making, and although Network Equipment Suppliers (NEP) dominate the major market shares, this position is under threat: that VMware is the third-largest supplier, with a 9% market share in what is a highly fragmented market, is “an indicator of the structural transformation” of the sector, according to Appledore.

For now, however, large NEPs dominate the top of the market share rankings, with Ericsson, Cisco and Ciena after VMware, with IBM / Red Hat taking the seventh position with 5.7% market share in 2020.

To learn more about the report, Top Network Automation Software Vendors: A Transformed Market, visit this Appledore Research blog.

– Ray Le Maistre, editorial director, TelecomTV

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