Ojoo, Challenge Bus Terminals: another GSM effect in action

In Governor Seyi Makinde’s Oyo State, the third anniversary of the administration began quite early, as Edo State Governor Mr. Godwin Obaseki joined the long list of governors and dignitaries who have come to the state to commission one historic project or the other. .

Today, Tuesday, April 26, the Governor of Edo State is in Ibadan to witness the commissioning of two world-class bus terminals at Ojoo and Challenge as well as the launch of the bus transport system Omi Tuntun.

The bus station projects were envisioned by Governor Makinde as a game changer in the transport sector with regards to the ongoing efforts to modernize the transport system in Ibadan and also tap into the huge revenue opportunities in the transport sector .

The terminals were to be built in the Ojoo, Challenge and Iwo Road axes.

The vision was crafted long before His Excellency took office in May 2019, as it is underpinned by his commitment to improving the economy of Oyo State by reducing the infrastructure deficit and creating new economic opportunities.

Truly, for those familiar with Governor Makinde’s workbook titled Oyo State Roadmap for Accelerated Development, 2019-2023, none of the eye-catching, people-centered, game-changing projects and policies of administration won’t look like magic.

In Governor Makinde, Oyo State has a Governor who has been groomed for the office and who, after extensive research on the challenges in the state, has ready-made answers that will help in the mission of rebuilding the state. ‘State. In truth, the Governor’s successes and achievements over the past two years and 11 months cannot be the result of chance or opportunistic exploits.

Since the Road Interconnection Scheme which saw the Makinde administration embark on an aggressive infrastructure development campaign in which 187 kilometers of roads from Ibadan to Iseyin, Oyo to Iseyin and Iseyin to Ogbomoso were constructed or under construction to link the three senatorial districts and agricultural bases, to the new bus stations that are being put into operation, Governor Makinde has continued to hit the bull’s eye with projects.

In two years and 11 months, no one can dispute the fact that the Governor, now recognized as the engineer of modern Oyo State, left indelible marks on the sands of time and lived up to expectations regarding his promise to reposition the state.

In Oyo State today, people rightly describe these well thought out plans and policies of the Makinde government, which continue to strike the right chords with the people, as the GSM effect.

Indeed, the programs of Governor Makinde’s administration have continued to have the right effect on the state, restoring people’s trust in government and broadening the revenue base of government.

The Ojoo and Challenge bus terminals, two of four such projects awarded in 2020 and the bus transit system come at a time when Governor Makinde was able to boost the state’s internally generated revenue by a whopping $15 billion. naira in just two years.

The Makinde administration increased the state’s IGR from a paltry 1.6 billion naira per month to over 3 billion naira per month and in the process moved Oyo State to the one of the states with the highest IGR in the country.

With these terminal projects, Governor Makinde has added another stream to the state’s revenue streams.

Apart from generating revenue, the relative ease that the new Omi Tuntun buses and new terminals will bring to transport in Ibadan, one of Africa’s largest cities, greatly easing the pressure on the more than 7 million inhabitants of the capital of Oyo State, is an added benefit and the result of good thinking on the part of the government.

Indeed, the effects of new bus stations can only be adequately grasped months after they take off, with the additions of job creation, urbanization and traffic order experienced better than imagined. .

That, really, has been the strength of the GSM effect; a new project or policy comes into effect, opponents go to town with lies and prophesy how the project will fail, but after a short time, Oyo state people see the beauty of the projects/policies and come back on their March 9, 2019 victory in that they resolutely made the right decision to elect Makinde as Governor.

Opponents, mostly opposition elements, did so with the Lekan Salami sports complex, but they were silenced when the project did not fail. They are doing it with the Light-Up project but the antics have not worked either, because of the effects of these projects and the completed road projects including the 65 kilometer Moniya-Iseyin road; the 9.7 kilometer long Saki township road; the 5.6 kilometer Gedu-Oroki-Asipa-Sabo road in Oyo and several rehabilitated roads in Ibadan continued to gladden the hearts of the people of Oyo State.

Although opponents would never admit that the All Progressives Congress government, in eight years, has rehabilitated/dualized only a few internal roads in Ibadan, Iseyin, Ogbomoso and Oyo, the people of Oyo state are missing never a chance to pray for Governor Makinde, who in less than four years broke this record, building intercity roads, interior roads, and even opening new ones such as the 76 kilometer Iseyin-Fapote-Ogbomoso road and the Ibadan Circular Route.

Other physical projects, including the new bus stations and several ongoing projects such as the 46-kilometre Oyo-Iseyin road, the 36-kilometre Saki-Ogbooro-Igboho road, the rehabilitation and equipping of health care centers primary healthcare in all 351 wards across the state and massive investments in agribusiness development are exciting projects that also form the GSM effect.

But at the very heart of the GSM effect are the Governor’s intangible achievements and policies, which have brought smiles to the faces of the people of Oyo State and lifted them from poverty to prosperity. These policies, covering education, health, civil service and retiree welfare, ease of doing business, among others, have as their underlying factor the visionary leadership and magnanimous personality of the Governor. But time and space may not allow to dwell on the many policies that have formed a mass known as the GSM effect.

For today, I think it is best that we focus on our wins in the transport sector, where the new Ojoo and Challenge bus terminals will, once again, prove the naysayers wrong, bring more wealth to Oyo State and jobs for its burgeoning youth.

Yes, I think we should focus on our victories on those critical projects that will define the success of the Makinde administration in a few years when they become money-distributors. These bus terminals and the bus transport system will show the class difference between GSM and its ruling predecessors, who rather than leaving legacies that could bring revenue to Oyo State, watched over until that state assets such as Pacesetter Quarry in Ijaiye and Pacesetter Fruit Company, Oko became moribund.

Like Their Excellencies, Governors Makinde and Obaseki would cut the tapes from these projects, however, the people of Oyo State should keep the record. We must keep the record of a time when liars and swindlers in opposition party garb will come with deceit and talk about things that their masters never gave to Oyo State. At that time, we must all tell them: Makinde we know, Bus terminals and other projects we have seen, what did your late master build?

Alao is Governor Seyi Makinde’s Special Assistant (Print Media)

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