Police succeed in fighting scams

On average, around 1,300 people received a visit or alert from the police every day when contacted by crooks in the first seven months of this year, Shanghai police said on Monday.

For years, the Shanghai Police Call Center has alerted potential victims of telecommunications scams after detecting calls from suspicious numbers and, in urgent cases, dispatching police officers in person to stop them from being sent away. fall in the trap.

More than 29 million text messages and 1.9 million calls were sent to potential victims from January to July of this year, and with the in-person visits, they kept residents from losing nearly 900 million yuan (139 million dollars), police revealed.

Telecom and Internet scams are the most common frauds trapping local residents. As these scams target corporate accountants more and more in recent years, the police have now implemented a new system that detects and alerts them to scams against this group of people.

So far this year, more than 125,000 SMS messages have been sent to potential victims through the new system, preventing 1,700 businesses from suffering losses, police said.

Meanwhile, the police have stepped up their crackdown on crooks.

The number of scam cases in which people lost money to suspects fell 3% from the same period last year, and the number of solved cases increased by 35.7% during the same period, according to police.

Through their cooperation mechanism with banks, the police prevented the transfer of 350 million yuan to the fraudsters in these cases and froze 390 million yuan in the accounts of the fraudsters.

As people under 30 make up over 60% of all victims in telecom and internet scams, with over 85% online scams, police have stepped up their crackdown on internet scams. .

In the first seven months of this year, Shanghai police have solved more than 900 cases of internet blackmail and arrested more than 700 suspects.

Police believe their awareness campaign has been crucial in preventing scams in telecommunications and on the Internet.

This year, 216,000 people considered to be very sensitive to such scams received reminders from the police.

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