Railways launch installation of disposable blankets and pillows on trains. Here is how much it costs

Indian Railways will now provide disposable sleeping kits for train passengers. According to railway officials, this facility will only be available on certain trains. This kit will contain materials for daily use. The railways have entrusted a contractor, whose workers will sell these kits on the trains.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the railways provided blankets and pillows. However, when the trains resumed, they stopped doing so to stop the spread of the virus.

Disposable sleeping kits will be provided to long-distance train travelers. For example, Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express, Mumbai-Delhi August Kranti Rajdhani Express, Golden Temple Mail and Paschim Express are some of the trains to which this facility will be available.

Passengers will have to pay Rs 150 for this service. The bag contains toothpaste, masks and a blanket.


Total Price Rs 150.00

1- White Sheet (20 GSM)


(1220 mm x 1905 mm)

2- Gray / Blue Coverage (40 GSM)


(1370 mm x 1980 mm)

3- White Inflatable Pillow


4- WHITE pillowcase

5- Face towel / WHITE towel

6- Three face masks

The price of disposable sheet kits may vary by area. In some areas, toothpaste and disinfectant are also provided in the kit, while only blankets, pillows and sheets are offered in others.

Three types of disposable sleeping kits will be available on the train. A kit will contain a non-woven blanket, a non-woven bed sheet, a non-woven pillow and its cover, a disposable bag, toothpaste, a toothbrush, hair oil, a comb, a disinfectant pouch, soap with pepper and tissue paper. The price of this kit has been set at Rs 300, whereas if a person wishes to purchase only blanket, Rs 150 will be charged.

Western Railway officials have informed that at least two people will board the trains and sell disposable bed sheets. These workers will sell these packages at a minimum price of Rs 150 per package.

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