Rx Networks ™ TruePoint.io ™ Global PPP Corrections Go Quad-Constellation

Vincent chen, Product Manager of Truepoint.io says, “With this new extension of TruePoint.io, applications already served by Rx Networks can accelerate their market growth goals with greater precision and precision by using constellations ideal for target regions. . Being able to provide global DPI corrections for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou also sets the stage for adding more constellations like QZSS. Stay tuned !”

Rx Networks provides reliable, timely and relevant location information that strengthens the connection between people, devices and businesses by enhancing the GNSS experience and creating better opportunities for next-generation products and services.

Location. Enlightened. ™

About Rx Networks Inc.

Rx Networks is a consumer mobile positioning technology company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Since 2006, leading semiconductor suppliers, device manufacturers and network operators have trusted Rx Networks for their real-time processing and predicts GNSS, Wi-Fi, cellular and sensor data for their location needs. Billions of devices benefit from Rx Networks GNSS data services every day.

SOURCE Rx Networks Inc.

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