Sales of textbooks in the state cross the threshold of Rs 60 when schools reopen


The Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation (TTESC) was responsible for printing the content for the three terms of grades 1-7 and the annual textbooks for grades 8-12.

A senior official in the School Education Department, seeking anonymity, said that last year, sales of textbooks were below normal and have improved this year.

“The previous year, sales were only around Rs 40 crore. This year, revenues increased by over 7% to reach Rs 64 crore,” he said. that more than 1.12 crore of textbooks were sold, he said, “the authorities hoped that this trend would continue”.

However, the official said the state government is determined to continue distributing free textbooks to students in public and government-subsidized schools.

“Textbook sales would increase when the lower classes were opened,” he said. “For students in grades 1-12, the textbooks are printed by the company using elegant 80 grams per square meter (GSM) printing paper and 230 GSM aura fold blue board for laminated packaging. All manuals are printed with QR codes, ”he said.

The official added that GSM will be upgraded as required in the future. “In addition to spending around 300 crore rupees, a total of 2,52,772,772 workbooks and 97,94,688 Bridge course materials were printed and delivered to 120 district education officers, which were then distributed to students. “, he added.

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