stc visits schools as part of the “Safe Education” initiative

KUWAIT: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling digital transformation in Kuwait, continues its outreach activities as part of the national “Safe Education” campaign aimed at providing an environment safe and healthy for education. In accordance with its sponsorship of the campaign, stc has visited several local schools in various regions to encourage students to follow all safety protocols. The initiative also included visits to schools of students with learning differences as part of the ongoing cooperation between stc and the Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD).

The activities were organized by specialist Hadeel Al-Abdullah of the stc corporate communications team and included the distribution of gifts to students as a form of encouragement to follow the security protocols announced as part of the campaign. “Safe Education”. stc’s participation in the campaign stems from the company’s core values ​​in its csr framework.

In addition, stc is continuing its initiative to disseminate valuable information in this area through its various social media channels, which helps to inform followers of healthy and safe practices during the school year. The campaign also consists of having stc visit various schools to promote this important cause.

Danah Al-Jasem

Danah Al-Jasem, Managing Director of Corporate Communications at stc, said: “Since the early stages of the pandemic, stc has been consistent and keen to support the community through various initiatives and awareness campaigns. The company has focused on causes that are of interest to different groups within the community, sharing valuable information through stc’s social media channels, SMS messages, and the company’s dedicated digital platforms to recall health metrics and that will protect our young people.

Jasem added, “With the students now returning to school, we want to strengthen our role in supporting the local community, aligning our initiatives with decisions implemented by the government. It is essential that students and parents commit to taking precautionary health and safety measures when leaving their homes to promote a healthy educational environment.

Jasem concluded, “Based on stc’s values ​​and our CSR framework, we were keen to accept the invitation from state ministries to support their overall goal of protecting and empowering Kuwaiti society. This is a critical step during this time to ensure that the appropriate health and safety measures are followed to minimize the impacts caused by the pandemic, and as stc we will continue to strengthen the role we play within from the community. In this regard, we will spare no effort to gradually develop our CSR framework by participating and launching initiatives that support the community and help the nation overcome the pandemic. “

It should be mentioned that stc announced its sponsorship of the national “Safe Education” campaign at the beginning of October with the aim of providing a safe and healthy environment for education in collaboration with the ministries of education, Health, Interior and Information. The goal of the campaign is to support Kuwaiti society by focusing on the precautionary health requirements and procedures that should be followed by students upon returning to school.

After an interruption of nearly 18 months due to the preventive measures applied to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus, the campaign was launched to recall the necessary safety protocols set by government authorities to manage the back to school 2021-2022. .

Through its participation, stc has also supported the ministries of education, health, interior and information with its leading capacities and know-how in the telecommunications sector to effectively reach the clients. The Company has launched an SMS campaign with educational and informative messages to inform parents and students about the various preventive safety measures to be applied.

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