Telecommunications operators must develop differentiated competitiveness to expand their scope of activity –

It’s time for telecom operators to define their transformation roadmap towards 2030

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“Digital transformation” has become a household term in businesses across all industries. Telecommunications operators play a fundamental role in defining the new digital era. The white paper GUIDE to the futurepublished jointly by Huawei and Strategy Analytics, examines the market requirements for telecom operators and sets the roadmap for operators to transform their networks and businesses.

The white paper emphasizes that telecom operators must develop differentiated capabilities from five dimensions to pursue commercial success over the next decade, that is, Service capability, system efficiency, resource integration, value proposition competitiveness and contribution to society.

Phil Kendall, Executive Director, Strategy Analytics Service Provider Group, comments: “The global telecommunications industry is entering a new cycle. Industrial digital transformation will create great opportunities for telecom operators to explore new business. Operators need to focus on the essentials, i.e. building and maintaining a high quality network in terms of coverage, capacity and profitability, to seize opportunities and gain a better position in the ecosystem of TIC.

Philip Song, Marketing Director of Huawei Carrier BG, explained that “the development of the global digital economy requires a strong and sustainable network infrastructure”. Mr. Song added, “Huawei will continuously innovate to help operators develop differentiated network capabilities and realize both business and social value to create a bright future for the digital economy through digital transformation.” .

Source: Strategy Analytics Inc.

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