The best bath towels for your home and where to buy them

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Just because you can buy towels almost everywhere these days, doesn’t mean they’re the best bath towels. We prefer quality over quantity, so when it comes to buying products, we prefer to buy the best towels that will last a long time instead of buying bath towels on sale every year or so.

Some towels are also better suited for different occasions. You wouldn’t want yourself or your guests to use your beach towels on a regular basis. You certainly wouldn’t want to take your luxury spa towel to the beach, either. Really you could do these things, but as we always say, use the right tool for the job.

There are different towels for different situations and they were designed like that for a reason. Did you know that there are different weights of towels? They use the same system for measuring towels as they do for blankets and sheets. It’s a handy guide to knowing what kind of product you’re buying. We’ve put together this list of some of the best towel brands.

Riley Spa Bath Towel Collection

A bundle of Riley Spa towels rolled across the counter.

These bath towels really beautify your bathroom. The set includes 17 pieces of 100% long staple cotton made in Portugal and includes full size bath towels but also bath sheets. Weighing 700 GSM, these plush bath towels are durable, high performance towels. They are also Standard 100 certified by Oeko-Tex, which means that every thread of these napkins has been tested for chemicals and harmful substances, ensuring that these products are not harmful.

Onsen Bath Sheet Set

Set of Onsen towels folded and stacked on a shelf.

These cotton bath towels are woven in a waffle pattern making them incredibly light yet super absorbent. Supima cotton is spun in extra long cotton fibers for a durable fabric that improves over time. You also don’t have to worry about waiting for the towel to dry; the open weave allows the towel to dry quickly. This means you can take a few showers, maybe three a day, without having a wet or moldy towel. When you are ready to wash your towels, simply throw them in the machine and they will become even softer and develop an almost 3D texture. Oh, and did we mention that these towels are also Oeko-Tex certified?

Madison Park Signature Towel Set

Madison Park Signature Stacked Towel Set.

Need a day at the spa? Need some pampering? These Madison Park Signature towels will really spoil you. Made from luxurious 800 GSM cotton and finished with Dupont Silvadur antimicrobial treatment. In addition to the antimicrobial treatment, these towels are Oeko-Tex certified so you know there are no harmful substances or chemicals. Dupont Silvadur is known to use durable technology to prevent the build-up of odors and bacteria. Each set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and four washcloths.

Coyuchi Air Weight organic napkins

Coyuchi Air Weight organic towels.

Coyuchi made their first towel from long curls of 100% pure organic cotton with a twill weave creating a texture that is suitable for quick drying. These cotton towels are GOTS, Fair Trade and Made Safe certified. Made Safe is a non-toxic seal for products used daily that certifies that there are no harmful ingredients or substances. Each set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths. All measuring at 550 GSM and a bath mat at 900 GSM. These towels are built to last and will absorb a lot of water.

Supima Lands’ End Cotton Towels

supima lands end cotton towel set.

Combed Supima cotton makes these bath towels smooth and silky. When the cotton is combed, it strips away the shortest fibers and allows the extra long cotton fibers to be spun into a thirsty towel everyone will love. Each set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths. The bath towel is 650 GSM. Never forget which towel is yours by making it monogrammed!

Ralph Lauren Payton Towel Collection

Ralph Lauren Payton towel collection on a shelf.

If anyone knows about textiles, it’s Ralph Lauren. Their collection of Payton towels brings an air of spa-like luxury to your bathroom. Cotton’s high-loop construction allows for a quick-drying towel that absorbs water quickly. These towels are not only Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, but also Made in Green. Made in Green is a traceable product label for textiles and leather. It certifies that the products have been manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities with safe and socially responsible working conditions. The set includes a bath towel, a hand towel, a washcloth, a body sheet and a bath mat.

How to choose the right towel

Choosing the right towel is more than just choosing your favorite color. Bath towels come in all sizes, colors, fabrics and thicknesses. Towels are measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and 300-400 towels are thin and light, 450-600 towels weigh heavier and are much thicker. Luxury bath towels range from 700 to 900 and are super heavy, super absorbent, and super soft.

Lighter towels with a lower GSM and smaller loops or waffle weaves dry faster and are usually a cotton blend or other fabric. Medium to heavy 100% cotton towels will have larger loops on the surface and will be very absorbent but will take longer to dry.

What to look for in a quality towel

  1. Candy: Wash the towels several times after you bring them home. When you wash the towels before their first use, you make them softer and it removes any loose fibers that may remain from the netting.
  2. Absorption: Do you want a quick-drying towel or a longer-drying towel? Thinner towels are ideal for activities like the gym or camping. The medium thick towels are ideal for the home or the beach and the luxury super thick towels are perfect for home use.
  3. Durability: 100% cotton, Turkish cotton or Egyptian cotton are the most durable due to their longer fibers which also make them soft.

How to fold a bath towel

How to fold a towel has probably been debated as long as the correct way to replace toilet paper (fold it in case you were wondering). Here are five ways to fold a towel:

  • The Tri-fold: fold the napkin in half, then fold it in half again, then fold it in thirds.
  • The deep fold: fold: fold the napkin in half, then in half again, then fold in half.
  • The narrow fold: Fold the napkin in half lengthwise, then fold it in half, then fold the napkin again, joining the edges.
  • The roller : fold the towel in half then roll up. The triple fold saves a lot of space, but the roll saves even more.
  • The decorative fold: this one is for cruise ships and very talented people who excel at origami.

If you stick to The Tri-fold or The Roll and you can’t go wrong.

How long do the towels last?

Towels usually last between 2 and 5 years but vary in quality. If you notice any rips, tears, or threads coming undone, or if there is some sort of smell after washing, it is definitely time to replace them.

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