The creation of 5G in India

Vidhi Batra

Imagine super-fast latency-free internet connectivity, imagine smart cars, smart industries, and technologies like robotics, IoT, all powered by a convenient wi-fi dongle. This is the world that 5G, the next generation of wireless communication, promises billions of people across the country. A world that enables a more uniform user experience along with the emergence of new services, applications and experiences through massive bandwidth, network capacity and reliability.

At the start of 2021, 61 countries around the world already had operational 5G commercial networks. So where is 5G in India today?

5G in India entered the conversation in 2017 when a high-level forum was set up by the government to define a roadmap towards 5G in India by 2020. By 2018, several foreign players such as equipment suppliers and technology companies have been urged to launch 5G testbeds in India to design a framework related to 5G applications and Use Case Labs to initiate the advancement of new technology in the country.

As talks continued within the government to make this new development a reality for the Indian telecoms industry, there was a growing focus on encouraging local telecom equipment manufacturers to participate. to 5G trials in India.

This debate in the circle of 5G India telecoms on the reliability of foreign telecom equipment was therefore an important factor that led to the delay of 5G in India, postponing its launch by a year, expected on the 15th.e August 2022, marking 75 years of the nation’s independence.

The benefits of 5G in India

Over the past 10 years, the mobile app industry has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the 4G network, leading to an increase in services such as video streaming, carpooling, food delivery, and more.

Then, 5G should extend the mobile ecosystem to newer sectors. In addition, 5G is also expected to accelerate the focus of several local projects such as the “Make in India” and “StartUp India” missions, with India becoming a global player dynamically engaged in the design, development and manufacture of technologies. and products based on 5G. .

In terms of technological transformation, the country will see the strengthening of operations like Digital India, Smart City and Smart Village. For home use, 5G would change home internet service by providing a wireless modem alternative to existing cables.

Global telecommunications industry body GSMA expects India to have 920 million unique mobile subscribers by 2025, which will include 88 million 5G connections. This growing wave of subscriptions through digitization across the country will serve as the infrastructure and software needed to adopt 5G network in India smoothly and quickly, leading to a massive industry for job creation.

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world lived, shopped, socialized and even conducted business. People are more and more accustomed, and now even comfortable, with online meetings, classes, medical consultations and dating. The world is rapidly shifting to online mode, which increasingly requires faster data speed.

In this scenario, the demand for 5G will inevitably increase. Indeed, 5G has the power to transform current industries, create new ones, and influence societies with faster speed, lower latency, and higher capacity. It can effectively shape the way the new generation thinks, connects and progresses.

With an increasing focus on safer transportation, traffic control, remote healthcare, agriculture, digital logistics and more, this new technology is poised to lay the groundwork for a new India, characterized by improved speed, connectivity and accessibility.

In fact, with this development, India is set to become one of the main forerunners of change, as local and national companies engaged in collaboration with others play a major role in creating this new wireless technology. generation.

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