Union Minister calls on telecommunications industry to increase quality

Ashwin Vaishnaw said that at present all nations are concerned about network security.

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Posted 09.12.21, 03:21 AM

Union Telecommunications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw urged the telecommunications industry to improve the quality of service and called for recommendations on how to create a framework that builds confidence in the telecommunications sector.

“India’s telecommunications industry has grown rapidly over the past 7 years. From around 6.5 lakh base stations to date, we are close to 23 lakh base stations in the country. While the spread of services has really increased, the quality of service is an issue, ”Vaishnaw said at an event hosted by the Cell Operators Association of India on Wednesday.

Vaishnaw, who is also the minister of informatics and railways, said that right now there are overriding concerns among all nations about the security of telecommunications networks.

“People want network devices, equipment and operating system to come from trusted sources. We are all facing new geopolitical realities, ”said the minister, while asking the industry to make suggestions on a good framework on reliable sources and equipment.

Vaishnaw said that with rapid advancement in technology, the lead time for each generation of telecommunication protocol has shortened. He also said that the virtualization of technology has brought new opportunities as well as challenges.

“So how can we provide solutions that allow us to move from existing systems to new solutions that can provide better service to people while avoiding downtime,” said the minister.

Commenting on telecommunications reforms launched in September, Vaishnaw said, “The series of reforms have reduced the regulatory framework, simplified many things, and brought about people-centered procedural changes and changes.

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