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If you are considering buying a car, you usually first make a checkout. How much money is available in the checking account? Are there other reserves, for example in a savings account? But the most obvious auto financing with your own savings does not have to be the most sensible for everyone. Because the money saved may actually have been put aside for other purposes, such as for the education of children, as private pension provision or for unforeseen repairs. Such important expenses should not necessarily lag behind the desire to consume. If you have a full savings stock, you can consider whether you pay the full purchase price for the used car out of your own pocket – however, partial or full financing through a used car loan may also pay off. This means that there is no risk that you will run into a financial bottleneck if you use up your savings and important pension expenses are spared.


Used car financing with a car loan from the dealer.

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A used car loan through the dealer where you want to buy the vehicle is another way of financing the used car. With the so-called balloon financing, which is also known as final installment, three-way or residual installment financing, you pay off your car at a car bank that works with the seller. With this financing model, you may have to pay a deposit when purchasing. Then you pay back the open amount in monthly installments. After a period previously defined in the loan agreement, the agreed final rate, the so-called balloon, is due. If you can pay off this residual rate in one fell swoop from your own funds, car financing from the dealer can pay off. However, if you do not have the necessary cash at the time, you must either return the car or, alternatively, expect a comparatively expensive follow-up financing. The previously low installment payments can then quickly stretch the available monthly budget. Balloon financing is a dedicated loan for used cars. This serves as security for the car bank in an emergency. Therefore, the final installment financing is more common when buying a new car and less than a used car loan.


Used car financing through a classic personal loan.

Used car financing through a classic personal loan.

The third method of auto financing is the classic among loans: installment or personal loan from a bank or a credit institution. In particular on the Internet, the desired loan for used car financing can be found quickly and easily using a credit calculator. With just a few clicks and a few details on the desired conditions and your own financial situation, you get a customized offer. With a personal loan, as you can apply for it with Best Lenders Credit, you get used car financing without a down payment and without an expensive final installment.

You decide how long you want to repay the car loan for the used car and how high the monthly installments may be. You have a choice of terms between twelve and 84 months. Over this period, your interest rate remains constant due to the fixed interest rate. The faster you pay off, the higher the monthly installments that you have to spend on the loan for the used car. If you want to save your monthly budget, lower rates over a longer period are recommended. You can also adjust the payments to your options at any time if changes occur during the repayment. Special repayments are also possible so that you are debt-free faster.


Benefit from attractive dealer discounts.

Benefit from attractive dealer discounts.

A personal loan is usually not earmarked and the money will be credited to your checking account within a few days. This gives you another advantage when buying a car compared to a car loan for a used car from a dealer: If you act as a cash payer, the seller at the car dealer or dealership can offer you attractive discounts on the purchase price. These discounts can even outweigh the interest charge, which in the best case makes the installment loan the cheapest financing model for the used car purchase.

If you are interested in used car financing with a personal loan or would like to pay off a residual installment at the dealer, we will be happy to determine your individual conditions for you. Our Best Lenders Credit consultants are available to answer all your questions by email, phone, online chat or via our video advice. If you prefer personal advice, then our partners in the cooperative financial network of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken are there for you and your credit requests – so that you can be mobile with a new used one and also stay mobile.

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