Vandalism, Hostile Community, Telecommunications Industry Setback – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission has urged Nigerians to protect telecommunications infrastructure, saying that vandalism, theft and host community hostility are among the major setbacks in the telecommunications industry.

Area Operations Manager, NCC, Amina Shehu said this during an outreach program organized by the commission in Wannune, Tarka Local Government Area in Benue State.

She was represented by Deputy Director, Area Operations, NCC, Abubakar Usman.

This was contained in an NCC press release.

Shehu reportedly said, “One of the main challenges to the quality of service that the operator provides to you is the vandalism of telecommunications infrastructure, such as base stations. Others are theft and hostility from certain host communities, which have continued to pose a major setback to the industry.

“Therefore, it is imperative that the public view telecommunications facilities as collectively owned infrastructure that is crucial and essential to the provision of efficient and acceptable telecommunications services. All the more reason for these facilities to be adequately protected”.

The NCC said that in addition to law enforcement’s role in protecting telecommunications infrastructure, consumers are responsible for ensuring the protection of telecommunications infrastructure in their environment.

Nigerians were also urged to always alert law enforcement agencies close to them when they suspect vandalism, theft or other suspicious activity targeting telecommunications infrastructure.

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