VodafoneZiggo Selects Red Hat to Provide Hybrid Cloud Platform


VodafoneZiggo selected Red Hat to provide a hybrid cloud platform based on Red Hat OpenShift, the Kubernetes enterprise platform.

Red Hat said the platform will be designed to unify the application infrastructure for VodafoneZiggo’s network and IT architectures, including its new standalone 5G core, targeting increased productivity and faster time to market in the Netherlands. .

“We view Red Hat OpenShift as a cohesive layer for cloud native applications and services that will allow us to increase productivity and deliver continuous innovation,” said Andre Beijen, Director, Mobile Network, VodafoneZiggo.

VodafoneZiggo, which is modernizing its network and IT systems to increase agility, manage complexities and increase efficiency, recognized that Red Hat is working with various organizations to validate and certify the interoperability of cloud native network functions. (CNF) with its open source solutions.

VodafoneZiggo already had a common platform for its 4G mobile core and several commercial applications, built on the Red Hat OpenStack platform. The company chose to continue this horizontal platform approach by selecting Red Hat OpenShift as the foundation for cloud native applications both on the network and the enterprise, with 5G Core as the first deployment.

VodafoneZiggo engaged Red Hat Consulting to support the production deployment of Red Hat OpenShift and to provide advice on using agile development models such as DevSecOps, as well as moving to a more open collaborative culture.

RedHat said this new environment can deliver benefits to people and processes, such as greater team cohesion, cross-functional platform and workload observability, proactive resolution of operational issues, and improved reduced downtime. The end goal is to provide a better user experience for customers and partners.

VodafoneZiggo provides for a more consistent and repeatable open hybrid cloud experience for developers and operations, such as moving ideas from development to production faster, as OpenShift provides self-service provisioning and automation throughout the lifecycle life of applications.

VodafoneZiggo seeks to take advantage of the flexibility of OpenShift in distributed environments, primarily containers running on bare-metal. The vendor intends to take a continuous systems security approach using the security features of OpenShift, including network and container isolation and data access control, over multiple layers of the solution.

With Red Hat OpenShift as a container platform, VodafoneZiggo will be able to scale faster and more efficiently across multiple clouds and at the edge as business needs and market demands evolve. VodafoneZiggo also aims to deliver a unified hybrid cloud experience across private and public clouds.

“Red Hat is helping to drive open innovation around real-world needs in the telecommunications industry, bringing many of these innovations in cloud-native networks to Red Hat OpenShift,” said Darrell Jordan-Smith, vice-president. Senior President, Industries and Global Accounts, Red Hat. .


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