What you need to know before you sell your car

Started to get into trouble, causing expensive repair costs? Has the family grown out of the little car that was perfect before? Has the neighbour’s new purchase made you crave for a brand new car? Whatever the reason you want to sell your car, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Read on a little below before getting rid of your old car.

Save money by changing car


Can you save money on changing cars? The answer is yes. An old car requires more and more repairs, in extreme cases more expensive repairs than the value of the car itself. But it’s not just the repairs that get more expensive with the car’s age, newer cars are generally more fuel efficient and provide more driving pleasure. Buy a car you can afford that will save you money.

Buying a luxury car does not only mean an expensive initial cost. Also, keep in mind that the car’s insurance premium is generally higher for a more expensive car. Compare insurance premiums for different types of cars. Make sure that unusual car models often result in more expensive spare parts. Be careful to compare fuel consumption between different car models. With today’s gasoline prices, you can spend a fortune on transport for an old fuel-consuming car. If you buy a car with lower fuel consumption, you can spend the money you save on other fun instead.

Is it best to buy a brand new car? No. The value of a new car decreases on average by 25-40 percent during the first two years. Letting someone else account for the first decrease in value is a very good idea. If you buy a two-year-old car, the car is still in good condition, and you can get the new car feel for almost half the price. Previously, the guarantee was a good reason to buy a brand new car, but today the cars usually have longer guarantees that can be extended to a reasonable money.

How to sell best


Handing in your car as an exchange with a car dealer may sound like a good idea, but unfortunately you lose a lot of money on it. A car dealer calculates with at least a 20 percent margin, money that could end up in your pocket instead. Sell ​​your car privately – and you’ll save thousands.

Carefully prepare car sales. All small errors such as; broken lights, stains on the interior and scratches in the paint should be adjusted before putting the car up for sale. Submit the car on service if needed and review the service book. Wash the car externally as well as vacuum and clean inside. Photograph the car in daylight, in several different angles, with a nice background that doesn’t take too much attention. The largest online site for the sale of used cars is blocket.se. We recommend that you place your ad with a selling ad headline and text, when traffic is greatest, such as Monday morning. Don’t set too high a price, check online to see what your car is going for and avoid exaggerating – it can scare off serious speculators. A small bargain is reasonable, if the buyer is not allowed to negotiate the price, they can choose to withdraw.

When it is time for business, it is important that you sign a valid purchase agreement, you can find a template online for printing. Do not leave the car until you have received full payment. Often, the final payment is by postal exchange, or payment via the Internet bank directly. When the deal is completed, you must cancel your insurance (sometimes automatically when the insurance company is notified of the change of ownership through the car register), check the tax and make a change of ownership.

Buy a new car using the car loan

Buy a new car using the car loan

For many car owners, the car is a necessity to make everyday life go together. We often depend on our car to get us to work and to drive the kids to leisure activities. The car is also a great freedom and a leisure pleasure for car lovers. Since the car is so important to us, you should choose a car that is reliable, comfortable and that suits your needs. Few people pay the car in cash.

Most people instead opt to split the payment in the form of a car loan. If you have no asset to lend, the most common financing option is a bank loan. Such a car loan is taken out without collateral, with your income as insurance. With a bank loan, you do not have to pay down payment if you do not want to. You can borrow up to the entire amount to buy a new car.

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